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I am a content writer and music DJ. Here you will find my portfolio featuring creative projects, a blog full of adventures, and different ways for us to stay connected. Feel free to explore! 

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Why can’t women and men be “just friends?” Why the stigma behind it? Justice X Falls and I discuss this topic and the wild experiences we been through on The Justice Falls Experiment. Give it a listen!

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DJing a high school prom

The Evolution Of A Lost DJ

This lost DJ needs to find herself again while continuing to navigate life. Perhaps the original version of me has run her course, and it’s time for a remix.


Seeing The World As A Canvas With Street Art

Artists leave a piece of themselves in every mural that you find. Some give back to their communities by painting on school buildings, parks, boardwalks—anything! The world is their canvas. When an artist tags their name on a mural, it is their way of saying “I was here. See my voice”

Charizard, Gengar, and Dragonite

Gotta Paint Them All: Pokemon

Earlier this year I posted on social media that I was working on a special art project for one of my best friends. Jeff, was going to move into a new apartment and wanted some art for his walls. I asked him if he wanted me to paint something and he quickly said, “Yo, can you paint some Pokemon for me? My three favorites are Charizard, Dragonite, and Gengar.” Challenge accepted!

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