Seeing The World As A Canvas With Street Art

Artists leave a piece of themselves in every mural that you find. Some give back to their communities by painting on school buildings, parks, boardwalks—anything! The world is their canvas. When an artist tags their name on a mural, it is their way of saying “I was here. See my voice”

Paintings of Charizard, Gengar, and Dragonite.

Gotta Paint Them All: Pokemon

Earlier this year I posted on social media that I was working on a special art project for one of my best friends. Jeff, was going to move into a new apartment and wanted some art for his walls. I asked him if he wanted me to paint something and he quickly said, “Yo, can you paint some Pokemon for me? My three favorites are Charizard, Dragonite, and Gengar.” Challenge accepted!

Shakira with her favorite blue toy

A Message To The Angel At The Rainbow Bridge

It has been a month since I had to help you cross the rainbow bridge. Letting you go was one of the hardest decisions I had to do in my life. You were giving me your sassy smile the night before you were put to sleep. I know mentally you were hanging in there, but your body couldn’t withstand the damage from cancer anymore. The next morning when you refused to eat—I knew it was over.


Crush Your Workout With The Project Rock Headphones

Dwayne Johnson had tried almost every headphone and earbud brand available for his workouts, but none of them could meet his expectations. He wanted a product designed with gym junkies and athletes in mind while considering the general audience. Johnson teamed up with Under Armour and JBL and in two years, the Project Rock headphones became a reality.

Rhode Island Banner Image

Falling In Love With The Ocean State

Summer is around the corner and if you are thinking of taking a trip to soak up some sun and enjoy epic views of the sea, look no further than Rhode Island. Allow me to introduce you to the towns of Narragansett and Newport.

Providence Waterfront (North Side)

Historical Names and Retro Games in Providence

Although Rhode Island is the smallest state in the U.S., it has so much to offer for everyone: historical sites, seafood, nature trails, creative arts, and plenty of ocean views. It was the perfect place to recharge my energy and enjoy the beauty of the sea. We chose to visit the city of Providence as our starting point.

Kingdom Hearts Games

May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key

In 2006 Papi had gotten the Play Station 2 (slim edition) for me and Alondra. He asked if there were any games I had an interest in. I had remembered watching my little cousin play a game where Donald and Goofy were fighting alongside a kid named Sora. This was the beginning of my adventure with a video game franchise that would impact my life.


The Fight To Save Shakira (Part 2)

The surgeon called to see how Shakira was doing. When I explained Shakira had walked, she was shocked.

“Already? That was not supposed to happen for at least another two days.”

Shakira proved she was gonna keep fighting.

Shakira loves being in the park

The Fight To Save Shakira (Part 1)

In August of 2021, I noticed a small bump on Shakira’s front right leg. It felt hard and was about the size of my pinky in diameter. She didn’t show any signs of discomfort or injury but finding that abnormality bothered me. Little did I know that small bump was going to become Shakira’s worst nightmare.

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