Jesse & Joy Revive My Love For Concerts

Jesse & Joy are a sibling duo from Mexico. Both are talented with songwriting, musical instruments (guitar and piano), and vocals. The amount of endorphins I received from this show just motivates me to keep going to live concerts.


Whoa! You Got A New Website!

Hiring a web designer could’ve made my life a lot easier. The thing is I wanted to do it all myself and have the creative control. I had a vision for the new website and being one hundred percent immersed in the project was the only way for me to bring it to life.

2021 Reads Banner

The 2021 Reads

The 2021 reading list is here! Check out the Teen Titans comics and other recommendations.

2020 Comic Books

Escaping 2020 Through Comics

When the lockdown began I didn’t handle it well. I missed being outside and interacting with people. The pile of comics I had at home helped me escape my reality for a while.


Breaking The Silence: Your Racism Is Showing

As a kid, I never had a problem making friends. Sure, I was a quiet child, but making friends came easy. I did not think my family had a problem with the friends I made but I soon realized this was a lie. There were certain kinds of friends some of my family members had issues with.

Alondra Birthday Banner

Dear Little Sister, Today You Become An Adult

It feels like yesterday when I first held your tiny body in the hospital. At 11-years-old, I felt this big responsibility over you. All I wanted to do in that moment was to protect you and be the best role model possible; someone you can look up to. You grew into a smart, strong-minded, independent woman with a love for numbers, Star Wars, and Hershey’s chocolate.

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Disney Songs For The Latinx Soul

While all my friends were bopping their head to the Disney songs in English, I was singing the lyrics in Spanish. I grew up watching the Latin American dubs of Disney films, so belting out a hit in my native language is a reflex. Many people are not aware of the famous Latinx celebrities that provide a voice for the Disney characters. So, I am going to share some of my favorites with you.

Earth Day 2020 Banner

Small Steps To Help Heal The Earth

Every day is Earth Day for me, because our planet needs our help now more than ever. Has anyone noticed that while we have been in quarantine, the earth has been slowly healing itself? All this proves that we humans are a virus to the planet. We need to do better to help Mother Earth continue to heal. Believe it or not, there are smalls ways you can go green at home that can make a huge impact.

Quarentine Banner

Life In The Times Of Quarantine

My anxiety has been on overdrive. I am always terrified for my husband. I worry about the people I care about, and deal with my own fears. There have been nights where I have not slept due to nightmares or insomnia. In all that darkness, I have found tiny lights.

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