Exploring New Views One Hike At A Time

Transitioning from the city to life upstate came with its challenges, but taking a stroll in nature gave me the recharge I needed to keep going. In the NYC, I had access to an infinite number of local parks, but none provided the full nature experience I craved. Being near many parks has brought on fun adventures and most of all, amazing views.

A Walk Among The Tombstones At Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow became a popular place to visit after Washington Irving published the first printing of the story, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” on March 20, 1820. The spooky tale carried over for generations and has been retold in several variations of movies and television specials. It was time I finally saw the town, starting with the cemetery.

Falling In Love With The Ocean State

Rhode Island Banner Image

Summer is around the corner and if you are thinking of taking a trip to soak up some sun and enjoy epic views of the sea, look no further than Rhode Island. Allow me to introduce you to the towns of Narragansett and Newport.

Historical Names and Retro Games in Providence

Providence Waterfront (North Side)

Although Rhode Island is the smallest state in the U.S., it has so much to offer for everyone: historical sites, seafood, nature trails, creative arts, and plenty of ocean views. It was the perfect place to recharge my energy and enjoy the beauty of the sea. We chose to visit the city of Providence as our starting point.

Florida Finale

Our final days in Florida were bittersweet. I spent more time with my family and went out to different places.

Universal Studios

Although Universal Studios is smaller than Islands of Adventure, there were more attractions in this park. We got to visit various worlds on the way to Kings Cross Station.

Resting with Family

Three straight days in different theme parks can drain the energy out of anyone. Gil, Alondra, and I gave ourselves a much-needed day of rest with my family.

Did Disney Lose It’s Magic?

Walt Disney World—A place full of magic, memorable characters, and where childhood memories stay with you forever. Alondra and Gil enjoyed their first time with Mickey Mouse and friends.

Islands of Adventure

Warning to all my readers: this post is going to be long due to all the excitement that occurred in one day. Take a seat as my inner nerd expresses herself.

A Stroll in Disney Springs

When I visited Florida nine years ago, this place was known as Downtown Disney. So much had changed since then. Disney Springs is part of Walt Disney World. It is a free attraction that includes a variety of stores and restaurants.

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