Jesse & Joy Revive My Love For Concerts

Jesse & Joy are a sibling duo from Mexico. Both are talented with songwriting, musical instruments (guitar and piano), and vocals. The amount of endorphins I received from this show just motivates me to keep going to live concerts.

Lindsey Stirling Is Brave Enough

Friday night, the Hammerstein Ballroom sold out to the talent of violinist and dancer Lindsey Stirling. For the past five years, Stirling has grown into an international YouTube sensation, gaining millions of views with her original compositions and covers.

Aventura Reunites at the United Palace

Aventura arrived on stage to a dope introduction video where their entire career was played in a few seconds. There was so much nostalgia in that one video. The concert opened with “El Desprecio” and heated up from there.

Bailando with Enrique Iglesias

The sun had just risen. Excitement built up as the TV and audio crew set up the Central Park Summer stage for Good Morning America. GMA was preparing for one of their biggest music events of the summer—Enrique Iglesias!