Small Steps To Help Heal The Earth

Earth Day 2020 Banner

Every day is Earth Day for me, because our planet needs our help now more than ever. Has anyone noticed that while we have been in quarantine, the earth has been slowly healing itself? All this proves that we humans are a virus to the planet. We need to do better to help Mother Earth continue to heal. Believe it or not, there are smalls ways you can go green at home that can make a huge impact.

Conflicts with SeaWorld

Before you bash me for being a hypocrite about going to SeaWorld, let me tell you how I took the opportunity to do some investigative reporting and see the damage for myself.

Lessons from a Baby House Sparrow

Baby House Sparrow

I found a baby House Sparrow struggling to fly right in front of the New York Public Library. I looked up and noticed the nest was too high for me to attempt to climb up. The bird needed help…or so I assumed.

Freedom for Tilikum

Dawn Brancheau and Tilikum

A few weeks ago I watched a documentary produced by CNN titled Blackfish. It followed the story of Tilikum, the largest orca held in captivity. Former SeaWorld trainers shared their experiences of working with Tilikum and the treatment of other orcas in the aquatic theme park. It was a horrifying story.

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