The Journey To Correct A Bite

The Invisalign packets

After almost two years, I can smile with confidence. I am finally free of my Invisalign braces! The sore mornings and consistent appointments are over. I can take a deep breath and grin. The journey had ups and downs, but after a lot of adjustments (and a deep hole in my pocket), I can say the treatment was worth it. Allow me to guide you through this process of the “perfect bite”.

Rise and Grind

Jerry Bruxism Banner

My sleep has been interfered with. For those of you not familiar with bruxism: it’s when you clench or grind your teeth. Bruxism can occur day or night, but for most people it happens during sleep. This puts excessive force on your jawbone, teeth, and gums.

The Importance of Learning American Sign Language

Learning ASL left a huge impact in my life. While taking the level one course at Lehman College, I learned that ASL is not only a form of communication for those who have hearing disabilities—it’s a culture.

Music Therapy: The Creative Treatment

The best time music assists me is when I need stress relief and a boost of creativity. I put on my headphones or blast the radio and lose myself for a while. Listening to music to reduce stress is a form of therapy. There are other health benefits to music therapy for a variety of things.

A Fish Out of Water

I was diagnosed with asthma when I was a month old. Mami explained I had developed pneumonia and from there had trouble breathing. Asthma is genetic on Mami’s side of the family, but the surprise to her was how young I got diagnosed with it.

“Where Did I Put That Thing?” Short- Term Memory Loss

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Ever had a moment where you put something down, leave the room and can’t remember where was the last place you saw it? What about going to another part of your home and forgetting why you went there in the first place? Believe it or not if this happens to you often, you are dealing with short-term memory loss. That mental issue Dory has in Finding Nemo is real and can stress you out.

Living With Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia Image

Imagine riding a crowded subway car to work. It’s a beautiful, hot summer day and there is only one stop left to arrive at your destination. Your body suddenly starts to sweat and your heartbeat accelerates. You think it’s the heat, but then your hands begin to shake. Your vision plays tricks on you. You feel your legs give up and your world goes dark.

The Benefits of Keeping a Journal


What I love about keeping a journal is that it is free writing. No rules, no judgments. Just you, a writing utensil, and a notebook.

Jessie Joy Rees and NEGU

NEGU package

“I believe if we take the time to listen to our hearts about the things that bother us in the world and make the decision to do something rather than just feel bad about it, we can make life so much better for others and ourselves.” -Erik Rees