Slaying Stitches: Tanjiro Kamado Sweater

My inspiration to knit this sweater came from two sources. The first was the knitting community on TikTok. Part two of the creative influence was Demon Slayer. Knitting this sweater was the biggest project I have ever taken on since learning the skill.

Gotta Paint Them All: Pokemon

Paintings of Charizard, Gengar, and Dragonite.

Earlier this year I posted on social media that I was working on a special art project for one of my best friends. Jeff, was going to move into a new apartment and wanted some art for his walls. I asked him if he wanted me to paint something and he quickly said, “Yo, can you paint some Pokemon for me? My three favorites are Charizard, Dragonite, and Gengar.” Challenge accepted!

Whoa! You Got A New Website!


Hiring a web designer could’ve made my life a lot easier. The thing is I wanted to do it all myself and have the creative control. I had a vision for the new website and being one hundred percent immersed in the project was the only way for me to bring it to life.

Positive Intentions

DIY MyIntent

Remember a few weeks ago I wrote a post about the DIY gifts and mentioned a secret project? The secret project was given as holiday gifts to some special people in my life. People who have had my back and showed me support when I needed it most. As a thank you, I decided to make them MyIntent bracelets to add inspiration to their goals.

Gifts Made With Love

Gifts Made With Love Banner

This holiday season, I was on a tight budget so my gift giving options were limited. To me, the gifts are not important during Noche Buena, but I still wanted to show my friends and family how much I appreciate them. I decided to go down the DIY route this year and it was one of the best choices I made.

Power Against Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Project Video Banner

Today is the release of an important video titled Power Against Breast Cancer. It was created to raise awareness for both men and women to join the fight against this monster that affects us all.

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