Nicky Jam is El Ganador at Madison Square Garden

The theater at Madison Square Garden filled with the sound of fans singing and dancing along with Reggaeton sensation Nicky Jam.

MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, NEW YORK, NY- The theater at Madison Square Garden filled with the sound of fans singing and dancing along with Reggaeton sensation Nicky Jam. After a five-year hiatus, Nicky Jam had made a strong comeback into the Latin music industry. He won various Billboard awards this year and there is no stopping this Puerto Rican- Dominican artist to make it to the top.

The night began with Nicky Jam’s special guests: Reggaeton duo Plan B. Plan B woke up the audience with hits such as “Candy”, “Fanatica Sensual”, “Sábado Rebelde”, “A Que No Te Atreves”, “Zapatito Roto”, “Choca”, and “Frikitona”. They performed a mix of their throwbacks, back when Reggaeton was known as underground in Puerto Rico. “Chica Ven”, “Guatauba”, and “Buscando Calor”, brought nostalgia to fans who have been listening to their music since day one.

Chencho and Maldy continued to entertain the crowd with their clever wordplay. The duo thanked the audience for the support they received with their past two albums House of Pleasure and Love and Sex. They announce their upcoming album and introduced their latest single “Te Acuerdas De Mi”. Plan B finished off their performance with “Porque Te Demoras”, “Es Un Secreto”, “Si No Le Contesto”, and “Mi Vecinita”.

As Plan B walked off the stage, the tech crew prepared for the main attraction. Ten minutes later, the lights dimmed, and the audience cheered in anticipation. Nicky Jam stepped onto the stage and opened the concert with “El Ganador”, “Hasta El Amanecer”, and “Travesuras”.

Nicky Jam welcomed everyone to the show. He asked his fans to keep the people who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma in their prayers and help in whatever way they can. After a moment of gratitude, Nicky Jam continued his performance. The audience danced to “Hoy Voy A Beber”, “Si Tù La Vez”, “El Perdón”, and his verses from the “Ginza”, “Ay Vamos”, and “Si No Le Contesto Remix”. He brought back Plan B to collaborate on “Por El Momento”.

The musicians and dancers had their moments in the spotlight while Nicky Jam changed outfits. All originate from diverse countries, which Nicky Jam highlighted during his ballad renditions of “Estrella” and “No Te Puedo Olvidar”. He walked into the audience and improvised to one lucky fan. Beach balls bounced into the crowd.

Nicky Jam thanked his fans for attending the concert. He ended the show with “Si Tù No Estas”, took a bow, and walked away. The crowd chanted “otra,” but sadly, he did not return. The lights turned on in the theater. It was time to go.

Both Nicky Jam and Plan B created a diverse and exciting show. Be on the lookout to see if Nicky Jam’s El Ganador tour is coming to a city near you.


Photos and Videos: Rosa E. Burgos 

Last Updated: January 6, 2022

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