Jesse & Joy Revive My Love For Concerts

Jesse & Joy are a sibling duo from Mexico. Both are talented with songwriting, musical instruments (guitar and piano), and vocals. The amount of endorphins I received from this show just motivates me to keep going to live concerts.

BEACON THEATER, NEW YORK, NY- Readers, I am excited to tell you about this concert experience. Music kept me sane when COVID began, and I hoped for the day I would be able to attend live concerts again. I know several people were at the Barclay’s Center vibing to Bad Bunny on Saturday night, but I chose a more intimate setting. Jesse & Joy were on my bucket list of artists to see in concert, and they did not disappoint! It was the perfect way for me ease back into being surrounded by people who just wanted to have a good time and lose themselves in songs.

Jesse & Joy are a sibling duo from Mexico. Both are talented with songwriting, musical instruments (guitar and piano), and vocals with Joy doing most of the singing. The duo catapulted to fame after “Espacio Sideral”, and I been a fan of theirs ever since. They have collaborated with Luis Fonsi, Juan Luis Guerra, J.Balvin, Mario Domm, Tommy Torres, Pablo Alboran, and other big names in Latin Music. I blast Jesse & Joy when I want to be in my feelings and their music also helps when I am sketching or painting.

Gil and I got a lucky break when we arrived at the Beacon Theater. We were supposed to be in the balcony area, but it was under renovation, so the staff relocated us to seats in the orchestra section! It was 7:30 p.m. and seats were still filling up. The first opening act got on stage. Chule who is from Argentina, entertained the audience with her acoustic ballads. She had the front section swaying to the rhythm of her guitar. After Chule exited the stage, a group of guys plugged in their electric and bass guitars to the amps behind them and began to rock out. Their band name was Little Jesus, and they were dope. After a few songs, Chule joined them for a collaboration and both opening acts thanked the crowd before allowing the tech crew to get the stage ready for the main performers. 

Jesse & Joy officially began the concert with “Dueles”, and the audience applauded. Joy welcomed everyone and encouraged fans to sing and dance along. She did not need to tell me twice. The siblings performed “Llegaste Tú”, “Chocolate”, and “Llorale A Tu Madre”, before going into fan favorite “La De La Mala Suerte.” Everyone stood up and sang along to that one. It had been a long time since I heard so many voices come together like that. Jesse & Joy had big smiles on their faces.

The duo continued to perform their biggest hits: “Te Esperé”, “Respirar”, “Ecos De Amor”, “¿Con Quién Se Queda El Perro?”, “Tanto”, and “Alguien Más”. The lights were dimmed, and Joy asked the crowd to turn on the flashlights on their phones. Jesse brought out two small crates and sat on one of them with his guitar. Joy took a seat on the crate beside him. The atmosphere of the concert transformed into a romantic serenade. They sang “Adios”,” Llorar”, and “Un Besito Más”. I noticed several people in tears during “Un Besito Más” because this was the song Jesse & Joy wrote to their father after he passed away. Joy returned the crates to the back of the stage and sat by the musicians for Jesse to perform his solo song “Valió La Pena”. Afterwards, Jesse sat at the piano and followed Joy’s vocals for “Me Soltaste”. This was my favorite part of the concert. Once again, the audience sang along with Joy.

The show continued with Jesse & Joy performing “Love (Es Nuestro Idioma)”. The colors of the transgender flag were displayed in the background. I believe this was the duo’s way of showing solidarity to their LGBTQIA fans. The concert transitioned into a dance party for “3 A.M.” and “Espacio Sideral”. The energy was wild, and I danced along with everyone. Jesse & Joy finished off the concert with “¡Corre!”

Jesse & Joy belted out more hits, but obviously I cannot remember all of them. Gil and I needed this concert. The amount of endorphins we received from this show just motivates us to keep going to live concerts. This concert was also a dream come true for me because I wanted to see Jesse & Joy perform and I would definitely see them again.


Photos and Videos: Rosa Elena Burgos

Last Updated: April 21, 2022

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