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Why can’t women and men be “just friends?” Why the stigma behind it? Justice X Falls and I discuss this topic and the wild experiences we been through on The Justice Falls Experiment. Give it a listen!

DJ Reese and I talk about our love of music for Bleav in DJ Culture. From learning about the DJ craft in a church community room to discussing about the importance of Latin music; you will have a good time listening to this episode. 

Bronx Journal TV

I.C. Will creates music to inspire kids to follow their dreams. As a dean of a junior high school, he sees first-hand how our education system has put students in a box and hopes his lyrics motivate others to shake common core learning. 

Rees Shad, chair of the Hostos Media Design programs talks about the impact the curriculum is having on students and the community. Rees and his staff provide a creative space for digital music, game design, and graphic design. 

David Lightfoot talks about his experience in Germany. As part of The Hip Hop Re:Education Project, David had the opportunity to record a collaborative mixtape in Berlin and make new connections. The trip changed his perspective as a dj and MC. 

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