Bronx Book Fair A Literary Success

Bronx Book Fair Banner

The Bronx Library Center opened their space this past weekend for the Bronx Book Fair. The event brought together authors, illustrators, publishers, entrepreneurs, poets, educators, and musicians from the borough to inspire their communities and share their love of reading.

A Fish Out of Water

I was diagnosed with asthma when I was a month old. Mami explained I had developed pneumonia and from there had trouble breathing. Asthma is genetic on Mami’s side of the family, but the surprise to her was how young I got diagnosed with it.

Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street

Sesame Street Sign

“Somebody Come and Play” is an exhibit celebrating Sesame Street’s success on television and beyond. It’s perfect for kids and the child at heart.

Lack of Bookstores Affect Bronx Kids

A child at Barnes & Noble

Imagine a child in your life enjoying a book they borrowed from the library so much that they want their own copy. You want to buy this child the book, but there is a major problem: all the bookstores are far away! This is a problem many kids face in The Bronx.

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