A Poetic Evening With Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur in a red dress at the Kings Theater.

Rupi wore a gorgeous red outfit which she happily pointed out to the audience. She made everyone feel welcome and asked how we were doing. Rupi talked about her adventures while on tour and asked to be showered with applause and compliments throughout the show (but no snapping). I loved the energy and candor she brought to the stage. It was as if she was inviting us all into her living room for a cup of tea. 

Rupi Kaur Captures The Soul

Rupi Kaur Books

In Milk and Honey, Kaur dives into the depths of her soul. She expresses herself on the topics of rape, sexual harassment, love, heartbreak, sex, women’s rights, and healing. Each poem awakened emotions within me; an experience I never had with other poets in high school.

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