When Your Body Is Screaming At You, Listen To It!

The large monitors were the first thing I noticed when I walked into her room. My scans were loaded for me to see. After accompanying Mami to many appointments, I learned what to look for within the images. The dark spots on the sonogram were staring me in the face. The surgeon wasted no time explaining what was found.

Powerful Women in Latin Music

La India

Latinas have made their mark in music as well. While mainstream has Adele, Beyonce, Rihanna, and the late Whitney Houston, Latin music has their queens who strive every day to not only entertain their fans but make a difference.

Dear Younger Self

Baby Me

This was not an easy post for me to write, but I wanted to share my truth. On International Women’s Day, I decided to write a letter to my younger self and it was an emotional experience.

Who Does “Fearless Girl” Stand For?

What is Fearless Girl really standing for? Feminists agree that although the artwork itself is inspiring, Fearless Girl is funded by the wrong side of the fight.

“Good Girls Revolt” Cancellation An Insult to Women

Based on Lynn Povich’s book with the same title, Good Girls Revolt revolves around the class-action gender discrimination case against Newsweek in the 1970s. Povich and 45 other women won the groundbreaking case, yet women are still being degraded almost four decades later. The series also explores the themes of racism, addiction, domestic violence, reproductive rights, sexism, and misogyny.

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